China to refurb 2 Candu 30 year Extend

Lots going on in the nuclear energy world, hopefully this will help with reducing fossil fuel burning before the world fries all our lungs?

Anymouse <<<… and yes Nat Gas is a fossil fuel … LNG is just another way to get it to market.>>>…

Preparations under way for refurb of Chinese Candus

28 July 2022

Canada’s Candu Energy said it is conducting pre-project design and engineering work to facilitate a 30-year life extension of the two Candu reactors at the Qinshan Phase III nuclear power plant near Shanghai in China’s Zhejiang province.

The two reactors are now approaching the end of their initial 30-year design life. TQNPC is undertaking a programme to refurbish the reactors and associated fuel channels. The refurbishment will allow the Candu units to continue generating power for a further 30 years.

Candu reactors feature a large horizontal calandria vessel with 480 tubes through which cooling water flows at high temperature. Each one has two end fittings which allow it to be isolated so the fuel bundles it contains can be replaced without having to shut down the whole reactor.

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China Greenlights Six New Nuclear Reactors greenlight

The Chinese government has given a green light to the construction of six full size MWe PWR type nuclear reactors at three coastal sites.

Four of the reactors, which are CAP1000s, are based on the 1150 MWe Westinghouse AP1000 design, and are located at;

Sanmen 3 & 4 – Zhejiang; to be built by CNNC
Haiyang 3 & 4 – Shandong; to be built by SPIC/SNPTC
Two additional reactors will be 1000 MWe Hualong PWRS One based on a French design.

Lufeng 1 & 2 – Guangdong; to be built by CGN

Rosatom was edged out of building a 1000 MWe VVER in Argentina by China’s Belt & Road program which will build a 1000 MWe Hualong One pending final financial terms. Argentina wants China to pay for the whole $8B including grid upgrades. So far China has only offered 50% financing.

Argentina has long term plans to build another CANDU type reactor at the Atucha site. Russia has no experience with PHWRs making it an unlikely bidder for the effort. China has two CANDU in revenue service and has previously proposed to partner with Canada’s SNC Lavalin for work on a CANDU project in Romania.

Also saw mention in my reading that China is working on Candu type reactors that burn used fuel from PWR reactors. Should help with the waste management quantities?