China's brain drain is on the rise

The UK is getting about 100k students and the US 65k. The west in general is getting more Chinese ex pats who wont stay in China mostly because of Xi. Some are Chinese defense workers the US can not for now work with.


Not only is the US not exploiting the numbers of highly educated foreigners that come here, the US is doing it’s best to get rid of them. I posted, several weeks ago, about a Canadian program to attract highly educated people in the US on a green card. The Canadian test program filled it’s several thousand slots in a couple days, because the green card professionals are getting tired of the delays and obstacles being put in their way to becoming permanent residents and get on a path to US citizenship.



This is so true! The US prefers uneducated people who cross the border illegally over educated people who come for further education or come already educated and want to work. It’s patently obvious, we give the the uneducated border dodgers hotel rooms, food vouchers, health care, etc, and we give the educated ones nearly nothing, and even charge them hefty fees for attempting to stay here.


Non of the above. The Americans quietly want their kids educated for those top positions. There is no rule that says Americans can not be fully educated to take those positions. It was just cheaper to hire from another country that bore the cost of the education.

The illegals are not coming in as fast as they were 4 and 5 years ago. But there are plenty of people who mouth off with lies.

Yes indeed. Shiny ideology dictates education be rationed by ability to pay, but football is free. TPTB seem satisfied that the socialistical countries that give away knowledge, will provide all the invention and production TPTB need or want. Meanwhile, the proles are kept diverted with football.


Perhaps too quietly. Immigrants work harder. Its been documented and for those who spend time in class rooms it is obvious. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. An immigrant often has to make enormous sacrifices and take big risks to come to this country. They are obviously more motivated than most with character traits one often finds in entrepreneurs. And guess what! Immigrants start a lot of new businesses. Immigrants are more willing to sacrifice to avoid debt and compete on the assumption that they will outwork the competition.

These values are passed on to the next generation. That’s a long-term benefit of immigration.

It’s not that the US “prefers” uneducated people crossing the border illegally. The US needs these folks. Like most things, it all comes down to economics. Until a big chunk of those folks complaining about illegal immigrants are willing to pick strawberries and harvest cabbage in the summer heat, that border will never be completely closed.

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You did not mean to do this but you are statistically setting up a fallacious argument.

Ten percent of a population are the risktakers those who get ahead in life.

You are comparing the immigrant risktaker to the entire population of the US instead of just the ten percent of risktakers. You are watering down the US ability among us to do extreme feats by including those on welfare or just getting by as if you have proven all are not equal or better.

Some 10% of American citizens that are the risktakers who get ahead make up 33 million people in total. We have had millions of young people over the last 40 years get less and less of an opportunity to take the academic risks because we do not fund them. While other nations even fund students for “export” as the Irish call it.

I would not disagree with that till you look at computer people who as immigrants take less in pay cutting pay in the industry for Americans. Americans who do the job equally well regardless of any of your poorly thought out ideas.

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I don’t think you understand statistics. You take a group of immigrants and you match them up with a socio-economic equivalent group of natives. You then measure the rate of business startups. The immigrant group consistently starts more businesses. Again, no big surprise. Immigrants by definition move to a new country to improve their economic future. In contrast, born-in-America natives are increasingly unwilling to relocate to better their lives. Which group to you is showing more initiative and ambition?

Could there be short-term wage pressure brought upon by immigrant workers? Sure. But over the longer term the added brain power and economic activity creates a lot more jobs. The nation benefits. Would America really be better off if the next Apple and Tesla were Indian companies because we forced their best and brightest to stay at home?

From the Wharton School of Business:

The evidence suggests that when immigration increases the supply of labor, firms increase investment to offset any reduction in capital per worker, thereby keeping average wages from falling over the long term. Moreover, immigrants are often imperfect substitutes for native-born workers in U.S. labor markets. That means they do not compete for the same jobs and put minimal downward pressure on natives’ wages. This might explain why competition from new immigrants has mostly affected earlier immigrants, who experienced significant reductions in wages from the surge in immigration. In contrast, studies find that immigration has actually raised average wages of native-born workers during the last few decades.

The data is what it is, regardless of how poorly I think.

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@Leap1 - Not sure about that. This is happening in our neck of the woods right now. We never needed to take a functioning hotel out of service to house immigrants. Not sure if they are illegal or not - but there sure are lots of them coming to MA.



Number of encounters, southwest border
2019FY 0.977 million
2023FY 2.206 million + September



If I were an immigrant, watching red states pay transportation to points further inland and north, where I’d receive room-n-board n other care, I, too, would conclude that it’s a good time to immigrate.

All I gotta do is get across the border and claim refugee/asylum… And I’m off to the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

:bus: me.



Seriously dude you could twist anything.

Just tells you Trump was not really looking if that was all he “encountered”.
Bob did you buy the lies okay but why spread them?

Figure 1. DHS and CIS Estimates of the Illegal Immigrant Population, January 2016 to February 2022 (in millions)

You stated this just above but you are clueless that is how it was determined.

Your imagination is running wild.

Your original statement is nonsense. You compared top risk takers to average joes.

I’m not sure what you are so upset about as we seem to agree that immigrants are well above the national average when it comes to starting businesses and creating jobs.

Too much coffee?

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Somewhere else maybe?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is traveling to three countries in Central and South America this week in part to personally discourage migrants from making the trek to the city, where more than 100,000 asylum-seekers have arrived since last year.


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I only drink decaf. Another mischaracterization when you do not know things.

You are comparing risk takers to average joes all over again.

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So we can’t blame the coffee. I was trying to give you an excuse.

No doubt there will be transient problems when too many newbies arrive at one time. This is a consequence of climate change over the long-term, and we Americans buying so much illegal drugs from the cartels over the short-term. We keep the cartels in business, they make life unbearable for the locals, the locals move en masse to try to find a better life. The solution is pretty obvious but we Americans lack the self-discipline and accountability to do it. Keep on passing the fetanyl and meth.

But this immigrant/refugee “problem” is what will give us a decided advantage over China, Russia, and most of Europe throughout most of the next century. The new arrivals will be the ones paying much of the social security and medicare costs as the American-born folks grow fatter and older. China should be so lucky.

From a Tweet:

Thanks to immigrants, the US won 75% of Nobel prizes in 2023. Without them, we only would have won 25%.

High skilled immigration is a policy lever for more innovation unlike anything else. Oh and its free.