Chinese illegals at the southern border


Meanwhile, in the great state of Maine,

The Maine Wire has identified more than 100 properties that are part of a sprawling network of Chinese-owned sites operating as unlicensed, illicit cannabis growing operations in rural Maine.

According to an unclassified memo from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) obtained by the Maine Wire, the illicit grows are operated by Asian Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs)…

The sites were purchased over the past three years by single adults, primarily from New York and Massachusetts, using cash or financing arranged through a handful of mortgage companies.



Where do they come from? Red China? Taiwan? Assylum seekers?

Hard working and usually well educated. You would think they should be welcome.

As a prominent “thought leader” complained, they aren’t from Norway.



When the Ph.D for entry to the US from China got smaller quotas as much as 20 years ago more of the Chinese immigrants were then on much less educated.

People in the US work hard. Who is to say an entire group of people work harder?

I have seen plenty of Chinese laborers in the US who were not interested in working at all lose jobs. A restaurant experience I had years ago. Most people are not willing to work that hard. In that case, it was the owner of the restaurant who worked that hard but he got 2 huge assets out of it.

There is at least one study that favorsitism in the classroom allows Chinese students to get ahead with all sorts of praise before the first studying is even begun by the student.

If we favorited white and black kids at the expense of Chinese students the results would entirely flip. The white and black kids would be by far the better students.

Right now there was some mention in my searching that half of the Chinese population in the US are immigrants. I will say more often than not their kids get an education. Yet about 55% of Chinese Americans have an education. Those who come here are more likely to be in the roughly 45% of people without a college education. Taiwanese and Indian immigrants are much higher educated.

I find the NPR report hard to believe. We know that for centuries in China students have studied to pass government employment exams. It is a very long standing tradition.

In most high schools, Asians are at the top of the honors list. And we know full well how much Chinese parents are willing to sacrifice to be sure their children attend good schools. They will move for better schools and will work extra jobs to make that possible.

There’s a movie, Joy Luck Club, which outlines the very high expectations the Chinese have for their children. Sending them to tutoring sessions after school is very much part of getting your children ahead. Hard work. Long hours. And a tradition of tough exams to get into college. Flunk the exam and your respect in the community may be limited.

That is in part because most of the Asians we meet are middle class or better. The rail workers from the transcontinental railroad era were poor. If poor Asians still arrive, I don’t hear much of them. I would assume they are most likely to settle in China towns while they learn the language and adapt to our culture.

As for Philippians, we are recruiting them as nurses, for child care, and in this area as teachers. Many may be poor but some are educated and well trained.

They are tainted by:

How to determine whether educated Chinese are an immigrant or an Chinese spy?

I have seen Chinese parents with very little high school education reject educating their own children.

When you start talking “they” who are you talking about? There is no they.

There are 1 billion peasants in China with next to no education. The chart below tells us about half do not go all the way through high school.

China: number of high school graduates | Statista.

Our teachers believe there is some sort of “they”. It becomes a special privilege with a lot of false flattery.

Statistica requires payment.

When I lived in New Jersey, parents with students at West Windsor HS complained that top grades all went to Asian students. No question they are smart and hard working.

Of course they are not monolithic. No doubt they include a full range of every aspect. But how often do the poor make it to the US. Its the middle class that come here mostly on H1B visas–especially in sciences and computers. Are they spies? Could be.

The Chinese are clever at collecting our technology. Funding research at US universities is one way. Sending workers. Someone just posted that North Korea is creating false resumes to get its people hired in computer jobs. Presumably to telecommute with passwords readily available.

So the Chinese students got a lot of extra support and encouragement and you got less.

You need to question the results. The results were crap. The results were prejudiced by the teachers’ stereotypes.


When I found the Statista results by Googling there was no paywall. When I took a second look the paywall came up. Basically fewer than 8 million Chinese students in China graduate high school each year. There are between 13 million and 17 million students each year that graduate junior high in China. People have to work. The Chinese can not prejudice their own results as can be done for a minority in the US.

I mentioned before most of the Asians I encounter are H1B professionals or their children.

Where do I find poor Chinese in the US? Not in my lawn service or roofing in this area. Those are Hispanics. In NJ Siks pump your gas; the roofers were Polish.

In my area working class Chinese are usually found in Chinese restaurants. People talk about laundries. Not in this area. Not in the meat packing plants.

Where are they?

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Industrial espionage is a huge industry. I remember some clown on bubblevision launching into his spiel crying about all the “junk lawsuits” brought by individuals and class actions. Mark Haines, a lawyer, called the guy out on two points: first, if there is no “proximate cause” there is no award. and most suits are between corporations: patent infringement, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, theft of trade secrets.

Singling out the Chinese as if they are the only ones engaged in industrial espionage sounds like an agenda at work.



Since 2017 the number of graduates from China has risen. Prior to 2000 it was higher. The period in between saw many uneducated Chinese folks come here. We still are talking 38% do not have a degree. Prior to 2017 we are talking 48% did not have a college degree.

I have seen elsewhere high numbers of Chinese immigrants are returning to China carrying expertise back to China. The uneducated group would not be carrying as much expertise back and would have less wherewithal to leave.,born.

Chinese immigrants tend to have considerably higher levels of education than the overall foreign- and U.S.-born populations. In 2021, 52 percent of Chinese immigrants ages 25 and over had at least a bachelor’s degree, significantly higher than for immigrants overall and U.S.-born adults (34 percent and 35 percent, respectively). Notably, Chinese immigrants were more than twice as likely to have a graduate or professional degree: 30 percent, compared to 15 percent for all immigrants and 14 percent for the U.S. born. The share of Chinese immigrants with a college degree is even higher among those who arrived between 2017 and 2021 (62 percent).

No it sounds like in China a similar business would hire a knowledgeable worker with experience in a US business. That is not espionage. The EU has such businesses as well that want their nationals to take jobs at home. The US in dealing with IP does not need to see anyone as a spy. Instead, if you employ someone they may leave like everyone else. If they can go back to Germany, France, the UK, China, etc…to a competitor what do you think will happen? It does not take a genius to figure that out.


What are the odds many of the computer scientists were trained in the US or worked in the US for design companies first?

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I for one am concerned more about stolen technology going to an unfriendly nation than to a domestic competitor.
You may remember the breach at Los Alamos by an ethnic Chinese person a while ago.


I do not want any bigotry along those lines. Not looking at you @tjscott0

I am saying in general.

I also want to see a cold war with Russia and China. I am not interested in sitting back posed and nice while we risk things to two powerful dictatorships.



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