EU Researchers Help China's Military…

An investigation by DW and partners has found that European researchers have cooperated with China’s National University of Defense Technology.
Run by the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, the NUDT plays a crucial role in military research, from hypersonic and nuclear weapons to quantum supercomputers, said Alex Joske, an independent researcher who until 2020 tracked military institutes and labs in China as an analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.
Nearly half of the studies gathered by DW and its media partners were published by NUDT-affiliated scientists and researchers at universities in the United Kingdom, followed by the Netherlands and Germany.

I see China can play the EU along with the USA.

China is clever in the way it collects western technology. Funding research projects. Hiring consultants. Monitoring literature and attending conferences. In addition to cyber espionage.

Their info gathering ability must be well organized and huge. But targeting key technologies has to be critical to making it manageable. Imagine armies of people sorting through all that data for something of significance.