Cisco Enters the AIRI Market

It started with Nvidia’s DGX-1 then the 2. Then Pure created the AI ready infrastructure with AIRI combining the Volta GPUs with Flashblade storage and fast Ethernet switching. Then NetApp entered the fray with their AI infrastructure product.

Now CISCO is introducing their own version.…

Another conduit for Nvidia to sell more AI hardware.



So not just Cisco and NetApp. HPE and Dell and IBM. All have AIRI combining state of the art all flash systems and networks for low latency high throughput Nvidia GPU feeding. That’s officially everybody in the storage game I think.……

Perhaps Pure’s AIRI is the most out of the box solution for enterprise AI but I find it interesting how fast everyone else came out with a similar solution. Also notable is how everyone wants the Nvidia logo on board.

Any thoughts about Pure’s standing here?

Long PSTG and NVDA

Any thoughts about Pure’s standing here?

There was a discussion at NPI about it, Pure vs. NetApp. Pure won.

Try this:…

Denny Schlesinger

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Yes, Pure has the best product, but these larger vendors have large customer basis to sell into w product that is pretty close, even if not quite as good, and keeping one vendor is a valuable thing. So it was a bit of ice water dumped on the head when one realized that Pure would not be alone in the AIRI world.

Facebook knows the difference as they have bought tons of AIRI from PURE, but clearly a crowded and siloed market w a lot of sales decisions made by customer loyalty I think. Certainly Pure indicates the majority of its sales of FlashBladeare to its existing customers as well.



Just for completeness, adding the NetApp AI/deep learning landing page for their AI/flash/big data solutions:…
(the Nvidia-specific stuff is at

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