PSTG Announces New Products

Pure announced a bunch of new products out there today. Don’t have time to go over everything but looks great for Pure.

For us ANET investors a potential bombshell is hidden in the AIRI mini announcement.…

Pure also announced that both AIRI and AIRI Mini are now available with Nexus9000 100Gb Ethernet switches from Cisco. Cisco and Pure’s thousands of mutual customers can now take advantage of additional joint solutions as they embrace new initiatives around AI.

Previous announcement and info graphic had Arista as the switchologist for AIRI. Not anymore…

So has CSCO caught up to ANET or is it just CSCO exercising some leverage on their Flashstack partner Pure. Or does Pure just want access to Cisco’s customer base?

It probably wasn’t going to mean a huge amount of money for ANET but just interested in what we think of the implications.



IMHO, it is a prudent move for PSTG. Both CSCO and ANET are fighting for dominance in this area and both players will influence flash buying decisions.


The way I read it is Arista’s switch are still the main switches that come in the AIRI.

They don’t say what the switches are or at least I couldn’t find it, for the mini.

The comment about Cisco made it seem that they will be available for current Cisco customers that want it but didn’t make it seem like it was the main switch.

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Other announcements in the same day…
New Products:…
Evergreen Business Model update:…
Thought leadership:…
New Partner Program:…

Some upgrades………

(The Morgan Stanley one doesn’t make sense).



By the way NetApp announced yesterday

11% top line growth and good bottom line performance.
Their AFA business grew 43% and is operating at a run rate of $2.4Bn

At first I was concerned about the 40% vs 43% but then I remembered that the 40% is a mix of product growing at 37% but also represents ongoing Evergreen service revenue subscriptions so effectively they are also building deferred revenues not that they talk about it like that but longer term revenues and that side is growing at 52% and an every increasing part of their business (25% of revenues right now).

With 2 days of falls - I’m intending to significantly up my stake tonight when the market opens assuming it hasn’t bounced back substantially (I was unable to get online during market hours last night).


The default option is still Arista. However, the customers have an option to go with Cisco switch in the future. Talked to Arista folks and product development team, it seems this is not a product or feature related change, rather providing customers options and a business decision to expand partnerships.

Remember, ANET’s 100G is still very dominant with cloud players and has something like 75% market share.


Thanks for that info. Really nice to have some inside insight like that.

Makes since for Pure since they already have a big Cisco marketing partnership.