Citron attack on NVDA…

Citron has published a couple of criticisms of NVDA in the past 2 years. Previous times, the stock fell maybe 5% each time an attack article was published. Surprisingly, the stock is up 2% today despite the article.

I enjoy reading Andrew Left’s articles. They provide good things to think about. I’ll also note that NVDA and SHOP have been continuing to go up over time despite his attacks on them. And W (Wayfair) has more than doubled since he called them an “accounting fraud” in May 2017 when the stock was in the $50’s.


Left is giving short sellers a bad name. Here’s a better article about short selling, featuring “Muddy Waters”:…

The China Hustle is a documentary i watched last night on Hulu. Does a rear job detailing “muddy waters” and backs Saul’s position on why not to invest in any Chinese stock.