Civil War in Israel? Constitutional Crisis in the works

[A picture of things to come for us?!?]

Edit: For those that are not aware of the obvious macro risks of a civil war in Israel:

If this law passes, it is most assuredly going to be struck down by the courts as unconstitutional.

It will then be up to their military to decide - and not all commanders will be in agreement; and of course, not all Americans will be in agreement as to which side our government will support. There is non-zero risk of contagion and if people here don’t think that is macro, then what are any of us doing here?


When I posted similar news, Wendy had my post deleted. Good luck!

This one will also be deleted … no macroeconomic (or any economic) discussion is attached to it. There are hundreds of other places to discuss things other than macroeconomics.


Well, I was about to make an investment in an Israeli company and due to the current circumstances I have chosen not to make that investment. Civil War is the least problem; the surrounding countries will smell blood in the water and not waste any time in taking action!!


Hyperbole common trash talk in the Middle East. Put on ignore and go about your business quite seriously.

The court will find it unconstitutional because it is. The military will make no decisions at all about taking up arms. There is no reason to. People may pout no one will care. Pouting is not a civil war.

The problem with the original post is this is future political nonsense. This is not enacted. This is pure hyperbole. There is no cause here. Regardless of the red cape being taken out and flashed.

The cultures in the Middle East are mostly all bark no bite compared to European history or current events. The Arabs and Israelis value peace too much to echo European history. If you want to say 'no way"…then start looking at our conflicts…and compare them to ME conflicts. Minor in comparison.


Israel does not have a formal, written, constitution. There are some “basic laws” that have stood for decades, that provide the ground for how things in the country are supposed to operate. According to the Wiki article, a Basic Law enacted in 1992 established the principle of judicial review, but a Basic Law enacted in 2001 overturned the 1992 law and reverted to the 1968 law governing the government. The 2018 “Nation State” law says only Jews have a right to self-determination.


“bills that would allow politicians to appoint all supreme court judges, and an override clause that would mean a simple parliamentary majority could quash the court’s rulings.”

  • from the OP link

As said that is true in all western democracies.

I like a court that can be swayed. It teaches people to value things besides low taxes. It makes life better for everyone. Not at first. First you have ejits making huge messes. Then everyone learns what is wrong with ejits.

Who cares about a small 6 million strong country in the Middle East? Countless such tiny states have come and gone. Why is this one special?

It’s the land of miracles!

The Captain


Because the lineage has written the old testament, the new testament and the Quran.

The country boasts the most Ph.Ds per capita packing an economic punch far above its weight and far above anyone else’s weight.

Because of innovations offered the west and China Israel fills the tax coffers of several nations, makes for huge economic efficiencies and creates a lot of progress in technologies and exploration.

Because as a cold war ally Israel was the most self reliant. That was not true for the Nato or Seato allies.

Because of the history of discrimination in the west watching Israel’s success is satisfying. But democracy is a mob of people shouting and right now some of us are biting down on our towels.


Look who’s talking. No bias?

Israel is a mess. They do business with Russia and Saudi Arabia - but Russia and Suadi Arabia are now supporting Iran. USA and Europeans are furious about the irresponsible new government in Israel.

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The world is not Unicornstan! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Captain


Israel is an unworkable society! The Arabs have lived in Palestine (which includes current Israel) as long as Jews. But in the last 55 years the Jews have kept the Arabs from attaining any freedoms, their lands constantly being stolen, and they are left with poverty, discimination and social segragation.

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The cultural politics are tough. But there is no separation of people.

Bias? Sure. But I hate Bibi’s government.

Israel is very much a workable society otherwise you are correct. And I am against those things.

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That is not true. Israel does not even make it into the top 8.


Actually in many ways I am right.

Read this simple column if you care. It is on the Israeli brain drain.

Not only am I right on many levels but I still claim the positive externalities in the west because of this brain drain.

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Which countries have the most doctoral graduates?

Oct 15, 2019

When it comes to sheer numbers, the United States has the most doctoral graduates by far (71,000 in 2017), though it is ranked fourth in per capita terms. Germany and the United Kingdom are next with around 28,000 each.

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There is a split that is even more important. Most Ph.Ds are in philosophy.

I would venture there are theologians out of Israel with Ph.Ds. But Israel is losing the science Ph.Ds in their brain drain.

More importantly is what percentage of people attaining a Ph.D are doing so in science.

Appreciate the data, interesting!

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It is not accurate.

Philosophy Ph.Ds need not apply. Philosophy doctoral degrees dominate in the numbers globally.

Israeli science Ph.Ds come and go from Israel because of the brain drain. My ideas are out dated by about 20 years dating back to the brain drain really taking off. Look at it this way Israeli Ph.Ds are working from anywhere on the globe remotely or for foreign corporations.