Climate change attitude poll

Findings from a 2023 Survey of Adults Age 18 and Older

Question: Do you think climate change is caused entirely by human activities, caused mostly by human activities, caused about equally by human activities and natural changes in the environment, caused mostly by natural changes in the environment, or caused entirely by natural changes in the environment?

Percentage of adults who believe climate change is happening and say it is caused mostly or entirely by human activities.

         2018   2023
Overall   60%    49%
Dem       72     60
Indep     61     42
Rep       33     33



The OECD and The Social Economics Lab at Harvard teamed up to understand why, and surveyed over 40 000 respondents across 20 of the world’s most carbon-emitting countries (representing 72% of global CO2 emissions).

United States scored the lowest at 76% public support. France, Germany and UK all scored above 80%, Japan was 89%, Italy and Korea were at 94%.

International attitudes toward climate policies - OECD

The OECD and The Social Economics Lab at Harvard have teamed up to understand what governments can do to build citizen support for urgently needed climate action.


A recent poll from Monmouth shows reduced concern for climate change.

West Long Branch, NJ – Most Americans continue to acknowledge the existence of climate change, according to the latest Monmouth (“Mon-muth”) University Poll, but the number who see this as a very serious problem has fallen below half. Support for government action to reduce activities that impact the climate has dipped below 6 in 10 for the first time since Monmouth began polling this topic nearly a decade ago. The poll finds that the drop in the importance and urgency of climate change has been most pronounced among younger adults.

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28.How important is it for the federal government to address the issue of climate change – is it extremely important, very important, just somewhat important, or not important?

April 2024 << January 2021
Extremely important: 29% 23% 24% 33% 27%

31.Is climate change caused more by human activity, more by natural changes in the environment, or by both equally?

April 2024 << Dec 2015
Human activity: 34% 35% 29% 27%

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