CNBC Interview re 5G with IBM QCOM & VZ impact

Hopefully, a link for this interview can be found with the CEOs regarding 5G and how it will further enable enterprise “cloudifying” the enterprise. Also talk edge computing how factories will take out cables, gain speed and be able to cloudify. IBM is in this because Red Hat gives them an entry to worldwide

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oops, hit enter key too soon. Its the need for cloud security and how this will expand the ZS market at an accelerated rate. Will look for the CNBC link. Unfortuately, I don’t have access to CNBC stream only TV Channel they cut away to cover IPO.

I think this is it.

WATCH LIVE: CEOs of Qualcomm, Verizon and IBM discuss 5G’s impact on the future – 09/26/2019


I just want to point out that the deployment of 5G might not be a given:…

Switzerland was among the first countries to begin deploying 5G, but health fears over radiation from the antennas that carry the next-generation mobile technology have sparked a nationwide revolt.



Interesting talk. At 22:58 they begin to talk about security. It would seem to an ignorant data nug, that ZS would be well placed to secure these 5G networks. But I hate the word seem. Does anyone know whether ZS is capable of providing 5G security? What about CRWD?


Thanks RHinCT for finding the link.

This is an almost 30-minute discussion with CNBC’s David Faber Ginni Rometty of IBM, Hans Vestberg of Verizon and Steven Mollenkopf of Qualcomm discussing the future of 5G and how businesses can benefit.

Topics raised
____security key to 5g deployment
__can facilitate remote surgery on someone’s heart, not without having security,
____car to car communication, autonomous driving all require security
__blockchain could play a role in this
____IBM using Red Hat to work with carriers such as Verizon both looking to “cloudify” enterprise computing
__5g standard allows you to cover roughly at the best case 50,000 devices in one square kilometer. The 5g standard goes up to supporting 1 million devices in 1 sq kilometer you need to think about how you secure mobile devices.

Looking forward to feedback on this discussion from you all.


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Jeff, thanks for the link. Wireless Radiation is an important topic and will, without doubt, be a key talking point in any 5g rollout.

I would just say that the same concerns were expressed about original cellular service to include 3G and 4G. That’s not to say that it is not true. Time will tell.

AFter listening to the program, it became clear that this is going to be as big as electricity - or at least could be. The Verizon CEO said that 5G could support 1 million separate devices per square kilometer and that that almost everything will be run from the cloud. In fact, all three participants echoed this sentiment. The all talked about cloud, cloud and more cloud.

I was also struck by the expense that this change to 5G would incur. The participants were talking about companies that would not install a single data cable, except to routers where required. No longer would companies be built on false floors with miles and miles of data cables going to individual machines.

As the talk continued I became even more certain of our choice of companies to include MDB, AYX, Twilio, ZS, CRWD. Imagine the importance of security when all are using the cloud and so many devices are interconnected. Boggles the mind.

What became clear to me that this vision entails lots of data which will give our analytical companies even more to chew on.

There was a lot more covered, but these were what made an impression on me still three hours after viewing.



Good point Gordon. The cellular 3g & 4g coverage adapted by using lower power and more sites. Originally carriers were using higher power amps on towers. In some instances, they have provided lower power amps on lamp posts connected via fiber.

The edge computing needs to provide coverage and compute closer to the customer and devices. Personally, I live in an older neighborhood and getting fiber to the home may never happen but 5g will undoubtedly deliver I just don’t know when.

The IBM blockchain example of knowing from the garden to the store waypoints was an interesting example. Does anyone know of a public company that provides blockchain verification for wireless data?


Personally, I live in an older neighborhood and getting fiber to the home may never happen but 5g will undoubtedly deliver I just don’t know when.

Even if it means an aerial on every lamppost? The need for higher aerial density seems like a non-trivial downside of 5G, even if one is not concerned about radiation. Not only does it imply an expensive build-out, but I can see people bothered by the aesthetics. Fiber to the prem involves annoying excavation to install, but one there is invisible. Not so 5G.

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I just want to point out that the deployment of 5G might not be a given:

Frank Klegg discusses health and 5G.…