CNN: This 100% solar community endured Hurricane Ian with no loss of power and minimal damage

Babcock Ranch, FL is an all solar community just 12 miles away from Fort Myers.
And yet . . . during Hurricane Ian, none of the 2,000 homeowners in Babcock Ranch lost any of their utilities, despite uprooted trees, stripped off siding etc.

This is the way forward:

The storm uprooted trees and tore shingles from roofs, but other than that Grande said there is no major damage. Its residents say Babcock Ranch is proof that an eco-conscious and solar-powered town can withstand the wrath of a near-Category 5 storm.

“We have proof of the case now because [the hurricane] came right over us,” Nancy Chorpenning, a 68-year-old Babcock Ranch resident, told CNN. “We have water, electricity, internet — and we may be the only people in Southwest Florida who are that fortunate.”

Grande said Hurricane Ian came through southwest Florida “like a freight train.” But he wasn’t afraid that he would lose everything in a storm, like he was when he lived in Fort Myers.