College Athletes Who Can't Do NIL Deals

If you’re a foreigner, your student visa says you can’t work. Athletic administrators are warning international students that they could be deported if they do a “Name, Image or Likeness” (NIL) deal with a sponsor.

Meet the Only College Athletes Who Can’t Do Endorsement Deals…

International students’ visas preclude almost all kinds of work, and they face big problems if they’re considered to have broken the rules


They just need better lawyers or PR department with better imaginations.…


Great! I’m glad that guy is getting some lucre. No doubt the only reason he got effective legal representation is because Kentucky didn’t want him to jump into the NBA draft early.

I noticed that there’s an LSU “rhythmic gymnast” who making a verified $1 MM/yr plus off NIL. I always thought that an athlete with fashion model good looks would do very well in the NIL market.