comment on SKLZ

Hi Fool,

How is it possible that we have seen NO sell or buy recommendation about SKILLZ after a 95% drop from ATH.

Even an analyst from TMF has said that it has a “unsustainable business model”.

A company with such a decline can not be a hold, it is either a sell or a massive buying opportunity.

Why is TMF silent over these companies when you know that people are waiting for your comments after buying your recommendation and seeing it drop 95%??!.

People deserve a comment about this, not all companies drop 80%+, so sure it is not all market related.




Are you HODler (hanging on for dear life). What chart or chart service are you using to view as to why the stock is dropping since 2/8/22. Charts can tell volumes of information.

Skillz, inc. appears to be a new stock, and guessing that the Pied Pipers recommended SKLZ could have been Frontrunning the stock or plain PNDing it. I as a swing trader could have made a bundle of money no matter what SKLZ is doing. I see that if you bought 1000 shares, you could have almost doubled your money. 95.5975 percent profit.

eg…5/13 bought and sold on 6/09 or since the beginning, we would have 17 out 17 successful trades with 0 losses.

Good luck on your journey.

Quillnpenn -

Hi, peterzip. For an individual premium service, you are going to have to direct this question directly to the service’s analyst advisors. Each makes their investment decisions and recommendations independently of the others. There is no company-line when it comes to managing portfolios. So just because one analyst says the business model is unsustainable does not mean that everyone else will agree.

It’s the Motliness that is fundamental to The Motley Fool. If you agree with this analyst, then that should inform your investment decisions. If you do not, then that too should inform your investment decisions. By offering up multiple independent and uninfluenced views, Fools have the opportunity to weigh which argument is most convincing to them and to act accordingly.

Who does not follow Skillz, would question how much of the company’s market price drop is related to the company’s business performance and how much is just piling on from the rapid and steep market declines…

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