I’m down $12K on these bummer

Your losses on UPST, SKIZ, and SQ were predictable, and they are more likely to increase than not. E.g., SKIZ is currently unprofitable, and it is not forecast to be become profitable over the next three years. The other two have similar problems, as working though their financial statements and doing peer and industry comparatives will reveal.

Suggestion: The next time you are given a “hot stock tip”, do a bit of due diligence before you buy. Don’t just believe the narrative and hope for the best.


SKIZ must be a typo error. Can’t find it.


Don’t be shy in filling out your RAP sheet to see what kind of trader/investor you may be and what is your risk and money management skills you may have. should have been sold on about 10/15/21 and note anything below the 200 ema is a caution should have been sold on about 8/5/21. 11/19/21 fell below the 200 ema. (exponential moving average)

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CHARTS before spending a dyme.

CHARTS DON’T LIE people do.

However, as professional Swing Traders, we are making money. Right out of the gate, had 12 out of 12 successful trades without a loss. Making a substantial amount of money for the month of May. 6/16/22 has a possible buy signal. Was only in UPST for a little while. 7/16/21 to 10/15/21. 111 to 388 and change.

The Pied Pipers only recommend but do not tell you when to sell. So much for their 3 to 5 years being a HODLer (hang on for dear life).

Something to ponder,

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Hi, pqrlbzt.

I can understand and appreciate how you feel. My portfolio is also down. The question is, how are these companies’ businesses doing? Do you still have conviction in their potential for delivering business growth over the long-term (3-5 years or longer)? If so, then this could be an opportunity to add to them. If not and you do not feel they can recover, then you have to decide whether to take the loss and move onto other investment opportunities in which you have stronger conviction.

If you are a premium service subscriber, then I would definitely look to your analyst team(s) for their guidance as to how they view these companies. I would also be sure to post your concerns on their Premium Community company boards so you can share with the thoughts of your fellow premium Fools. They say misery loves company, but you can find support and hope there as well.

Who is reminded that just 2 years ago, his portfolio was down 33% when the pandemic hit and the world shut down, but by the end of 2020, he was up 25% from his pre-pandemic portfolio value, and while he cannot promise history will repeat itself, the odds are ever in history’s favor…

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