Company boards?

Hi Fools,

I’m trying to figure out what happened to company boards. I used to follow the boards dedicated to each company I owned or was watching. I tried looking in Stocks A to Z thinking maybe we just tagged a post with a company ticker, but there seem to be very few posts there, and I was only able to find tags for a handful of companies. Maybe no one has posted about/tagged posts with my companies’ tickers yet? (which brings up a different issue, some companies have multiple tags; shop and shopify-inc…)

So, how’s a Fool supposed to follow discussions for just their companies?


Paul - who LOVES the addition of markdown editing and being able add graphics/pictures!


Here are three ways to do it

For quick access, go to the homepage, then then choose your company in the All Tags pulldown.


Or you can use the search in the top right. Enter part of the company name and look for the company tag.


You can also modify your sidebar to permanently link your company. Click the pencil icon next to TAGS
Then click the “+” in the Tags Section.
Select all the companies you want to add. Then click on the blank area to the side to dismiss the pulldown. Then click Save.

Now the company board will be in your sidebar.


Hi Paul

There are very few active boards on the free side and only those were migrated…the rest were closed before migration.

If you have a Fool subscription, you should see a switch to premium button in the upper right - click that and look for the Premium Central: Talking Stocks category and many more companies are there.

As for Shopify - when picking a tag, via search or drop downs, with the exception of the sidebar, if you select #shop , you’ll get #shopify-inc too - we linked them since some folks use company names and some folks use tickers. On the sidebar, for some reason, you can add them both - we’ve got a request in to change that)

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Thanks, all!

Apparently I’m looking at the free boards, which explains a lot! I do have a Fool subscription, and didn’t realize I needed to switch.

I’ll try that!
Thanks again!