Premium and Community boards totally separated?

I like much of this more modern discussion platform, but I’m concerned about one thing – previously it was very easy to monitor different boards in one place. Public boards (investing clubs, company boards), premium boards (e.g. SA Investing Lounge), and premium company boards could all be monitored in one place by adding them to my favorite boards.

From what I can see right now, it appears that and are two essentially separate sites, and I won’t be able to keep track of the content in one place. I see only a “Premium Community” link at upper left.

It would be much, much, much more user-friendly if all content appeared in one feed on one site, with the visibility of the categories controlled by permissions. I hope this is the case and I am just missing something?


Hi @Softie

You aren’t missing anything… they are separate sites now. We added the Premium Community link so you could jump over there more quickly but for a bunch of reasons, they had to be separated.

I find it’s just easiest to keep two tabs open, one for each and bounce back and forth. The sidebar on both will let you know about any new activity. Plus, don’t forget you can set up your preferences to email you about watched categories and tags to make sure you don’t miss anything. The Activity Summary in the email section of your preferences can be configured to send summaries as frequently as you want…it’s disabled by default but you can change it here: ( I hope I got that link right)


Well that’s disappointing. I hope that in the coming months you can find a way to show public community boards within the Premium Community site.