OT: New Interface, Figuring Out

Being a computer guy, old age but still doing full time computer security work, programming, etc. I have to admit this interface is definitely not easy to use. I’ll list what I have spent time figuring out.

If someone has written up a good explanation of the boards, please let me know. The Tags thing is puzzling me.

Note: The “left” column I mention below is toggled on/off by clicking the 3 lines icon to the left of the Motley Fool Hat at the very top of the screen.

On my “main” page I have Community, Categories, and Tags on the left column. If I move the cursor over to that column near Categories a gray pencil appears and you can click it to edit your categories. Basically just click the “+” (plus sign) and scroll down the drop down list and select all of the categories you want to follow. The “x” allows you to remove categories that were previously added.

Well someone can explain this one to me. Somehow I managed to add Berkshire-Hathaway as a tag so I can go directly to this board (or whatever you want to call it). However I am still trying to figure out how you create more tags. There seems to be some already there in the drop down list (after clicking on the pencil next to the Tags in the column to the left on my main screen) but I would think you could create new tags to go directly to a specific board.

Keyboard Shortcuts
In the left column at the very bottom is a grayish icon and if you move the mouse cursor over it and click on it, a screen displays all of the keyboard short cuts you can use. I"m guessing at least 90% of them will never been used by anyone.


Hi Rich,
I can help you with Tags. Hover over Tags and you will get the pencil/edit. Click that pencil. It will bring up a screen with Tag Section and a plus sign. Click on the plus sign . You will see your cursor flashing in the box optional tags. Write which stock ticker you want. Amd, NVDA, etc. then click on the stock name and then click in white space to close box and hit the save button. That company will now be in Tags.