Confessions of a Clickbait Writer

Confessions of a professional clickbait writer…

Thanks to Google and some canny search engine optimization, my articles are read by hundreds of thousands of people a month. Just don’t mistake them for the best information.

Today, more businesses than ever before rely heavily on SEO to get their products in front of new eyes. Because it’s viewed as a long-term growth strategy, companies are investing more resources than ever in SEO. Here’s why this is troubling: Companies that have access to expensive SEO artificial intelligence tools and the funds to pay freelance writers often outcompete true experts who lack such resources. It’s a numbers game: The more an entity is willing to spend, the greater the likelihood that its information — accurate or not — ends up at the top of search engines. Ask yourself: How often do you look for the answer you seek on the second page — or even the bottom of the first page — of search results?

In summary, capitalism is crapifying America.



In summary, capitalism is crapifying America.

four things

One that happened a long time ago
two it could be worse
three you can buy better if you want to

The big number four until the US federal government mandates products made from materials that completely biodegrade along with much greater research funding to get us there and even government subsidies to factories in the US producing the materials we will NEVER get anywhere.

I get your post is solely on misinformation, that is minor for the suckers. What comes out the other end of our consumption is more important.

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In summary, capitalism is crapifying America.

That has been going on for a long time.

In the late 80s, I was flipping through a magazine, while on a break in the back of my RS. Saw an ad for a set of TV rabbit ears. All the claims in the ad were fundamentally true, but presented in a manner that was misleading to a hilarious degree. “uses proven RF technology”, “watch thousands of programs without paying the cable company, and it’s legal”. One of my parttimers was an EE major in college, so he understood the technical jargon the ad used too. We were both in hysterics laffing at that ad.


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In summary, capitalism is crapifying America.

Without capitalism there would be no TMF to bitch about it.

The Captain


Always been that way … you used to buy the product that you saw for 30 seconds on the big sportsball show on the weekend.