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Hey Ben! Not sure if you will see this. Manlobbi created a TMF-like board at “shrewdm”. The topic of free will came up, and I immediately thought of you. If I could figure out how to email this, I would. But I don’t see the option. If interested, hit me up and I’ll give you the URL.

For anyone reading, the freewill thread is here:

The post on Jun 2022 by benjd25 I’m afraid was from the old TMF website before the automatic transition to this site (with a year or so of the old posts transferred over), so it is likely benjd25 is not present here at all - I cannot see any recent posts by benjd25.

If anyone has the private email of benjd25 please let him know about the thread above, as numerous people have expressed great interest in his ideas.

– Manlobbi

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I used to because we did some offline TMF posts (“email only” checkbox). But I can’t find it anymore.

Ah, so close to getting in communication. It is a pity you can’t find the email.

He found us. So it’s all good. :slight_smile:

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