Corporate debt refinancing

Going to be a big problem:

Fidelity International’s Salman Ahmed is sticking by his call for a recession even as Wall Street ups wagers that the Federal Reserve has navigated the US economy toward a soft landing.

Expect the full effects of the central bank’s monetary policy tightening — and a downturn — to materialize next year following a wave of corporate debt refinancing over the next six months, according to Ahmed, the firm’s global head of macro and strategic asset allocation.

This is nothing, just wait when they have to refinance all those Treasuries :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder if anyone here at the Fool knows of a website where they keep a chart of the economic data released on a daily basis with a summary of what the report says. It seems to me that the news has been negative yet the market has gone up for some puzzling reason. The big picture is what the major institutional investors study, not the day to day crap that yahoo etc feeds us. That chart would be worth its weight in gold I’m thinking…doc

The media is always flogging hysteria. A couple days ago, the local news here reported gas prices were down a bit, but then added “BUT THEY COULD GO UP AGAIN”.


I am sure that there is more than one site (and probably a better one) but you can get this on Yahoo finance.

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I don’t usually read the mainstream news. Usually I’m looking at IBD, Marketwatch, Reuters world news, Zacks news, Tipranks, Investopedia, TradingView to name a few. Yahoo and Bloomberg to name a few are not on my list for a reason.

I would guess that the institutional investors have people who gather this information and chart it so its easy to study and pick up trends…doc

Thanks Hawkwin, this is somewhat what I’m looking for. I am looking for a big picture type of format like an excel format with months or weeks but this is in the right direction. I would also like to see it in green for exceeds or red for miss…doc