COVID-19'S impact on trade

Little chance of actual hunger in our 5th floor condo that is walking distance to Costco and half a dozen other grocery stores … however! We invited extended family member and his family over for Swiss Chalet takeout (his 50th birthday) and while I was stuck in the drive through they ran out of white meat? This is a place famous for it’s Rotisserie Chicken! No whole chicken Family Meal so instead we ended up with a whole bunch of legs to go with our fries and ceasar salads. }};-@




Canada Faces Empty Shelves as Trucking Snarls Hit Food Supplies

By Jen Skerritt
January 21, 2022, 8:00 AM AST

A push to encourage truckers in Canada and the U.S. to get vaccinated is stopping a lot more than just Covid-19 at the border.

Just days after new rules came into effect that require American truckers to be fully vaccinated to cross into Canada, grocers said some produce shelves were bare and the cost of hauling everything from tomatoes to lettuce from the southern U.S. has jumped 25%.

America’s northern neighbor relies on imports of fresh fruit and vegetables from its biggest trading partner in winter. The vaccine mandate is poised to add further strain to a supply chain struggling with labor shortages and weather disruptions.

Only about half of U.S. truckers are vaccinated, according to estimates from the American Trucking Association. …

About $45 billion worth of goods crosses the border every month, and Canada is the top export market for 32 U.S. states, according to the Department of Commerce. Most trade between Canada and the U.S. travels by truck.


Canada Faces Empty Shelves as Trucking Snarls Hit Food Supplies

I emailed the linked article to the California banker this morning.

She replied: "we went to a restaurant in Reno last weekend and their sign read - No burgers, salads or fish. Staff is low so service stinks.

It was all true and food wasn’t good but the place was still packed.

She added that her littlest guy tested positive for covid. Symptoms include mild headache. He only recently qualified for a vaccination. We live in a surreal world these days?