Covid Report Day 3

All I can say is if I have to be sick, I am glad I do not have a common cold or the flu.

I get my BIL has been going through hell.

I am have a good time in isolation feeling better and better. Getting some things done with a better focus. My dieting is back on track without the distractions. My sleep schedule is optimal going to bed at 9 pm. I did not need a nap on day two. My energy is good to go. My cognitive senses…are getting as good as they ever were…no I do have bragging rights there. LOL


Glad to hear you are feeling better, Leap1. I have been thinking about you.

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Thanks for your thoughts.

I am very odd character out of all the fools to try to follow. I see that clearly.

I care about all METARs, even the odd ones. Maybe especially the odd ones. :wink: