COVID wastewater viral load: still high

Source: Covid-19 Wastewater Monitoring | Biobot Analytics

As of September 28th, the average COVID wastewater viral load for the USA was a devilish 666 copies/mL. While that’s down from the July peak of 1084 copies/mL, that’s still awfully high given that the updated COVID booster has been available for nearly 4 weeks and given that so many others have already been infected by the BA5 variant. Some past low points:

  • March 2022: 108 copies/mL
  • October 2021: 393 copies/mL
  • May/June 2021: 39 copies/mL
  • September 2020: 65 copies/mL
  • May 2020: 67 copies/mL

I’m so glad that I had my updated COVID booster over 3 weeks ago, and there’s now a temporary pause in the pandemic for myself. I fully expect another COVID surge this winter. Most people don’t seem to be taking any precautions. I’m not hearing anything about any rush by the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. Not enough people are getting the updated COVID booster. Of course, I hope my prediction of a new surge this winter is wrong.

Is there any reason that there will NOT be another big COVID surge like there was during the past two winters? Exactly what’s stopping more variants from popping up and becoming as widespread as BA5 has been? Have new cases of Long COVID stopped?

No, nothing, nothing, no


yes we are having the surge for a few months now. I had Covid Sept 10 to 20. Well not just me alone LOL Omicron is like getting a sort of flu. For most groups long covid is less of a problem.

People are not reporting having had Omicron because it is less of a problem for them. It does not go in the lungs. Which is interesting, my dad a doctor told me about Covid attacking anywhere in the body which is atypical of viruses. For Omicron not to go in the lungs and other things being lessened Omicron is hardly Delta. The variations are so many and dramatic the relationship is almost trivial.

The surge is now. It really does not matter that much for most people.