Cramer on ZS…

Also covers Zendesk and Zebra.

Early on, Cramer makes a point that “with the exception of semiconductors, most of Tech doesn’t need China” to be profitable.

Anyway, Cramer runs through a bunch of technical indicators in the video, with ZScaler last. Basically, it’s what we all know - it’s on a huge run.


Cramer on anything is a coin toss.

He was high on CLDR day before earnings. If the call turned out to be right he would have been crowing about it the next day all day. He was wrong and he goes silent on it. Nada.

Guys almost as big a self promoter as…beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. No politics I know. :wink:



Hi Chris,
I always get a kick out people hating Cramer. I listen to the first ten minutes of his show (on Podcast) every day. Yes, he is loud and tries to make it all entertaining, but if you listen to him, he has a better feel for the market than anyone I have ever followed.

I have only heard him tell people to take any discretionary money out of the market one time and that was in the fall of 08. Most clear, best call I have ever seen made. In the spring of 09 he was saying clearly to get back in.

Now as far as your story on CLDR, he talks about 15 stocks a day, and on top of that earnings came out the next day and you criticize him because he didn’t make the right call? He doesnt predict the future. NTNX earnings came out and everyone on this board gets out but that doesnt mean they were wrong for liking it the day before.

No big deal but I am always surprised with the level of perfection everyone holds him to. He can be right 90% of the time and will get criticized for the 10%…

An unabashed Jim Cramer fan.