Crowdstrike Expectations

Crowdstrike is my largest holding and I expect its position to be further cemented by earnings coming out this week. Having been a user of the product, I can attest to its functionality, ease of deployment, and how the organization adds value for customers. It’s this last item that I think is going to enhance Crowdstrike’s earnings.

The company I worked for had less than five hundred endpoints using Crowdstrike, placing us in the small to medium business category. At least quarterly, our smallish installation got a quick overview with our sales rep to keep us up to date with what was happening at Crowdstrike. So, little things that may have been overlooked were brought to our attention, like an enhanced deployment structure that automated internal testing. That alone saved me two hours a month. This also gave the sales rep face time to find out what our wants and needs were, which led to additional modules being sold. In my case, it was an enhancement to managing USB device interface which we had a great need for and were struggling to corral using other methods. These may seem like small items, yet each one contributes to the stickiness of the platform. Even though the sales reps kept changing over time (small accounts keep getting shuffled to new reps I think), we looked at these meetings as opportunities to learn how to capitalize on our software investment. These people knew their product and Crowdstrike’s offerings for deeper understanding, directing us to webinars or support personnel if needed.

Thanks to this board and its many contributors, I decided to retire earlier this year, switching from working for others to working for myself. My first hand knowledge of some products, like Crowdstrike, may become dated. I’ll still stay somewhat active in the IT realm (my focus was on server virtualization) as I transition from active in business to a home lab environment. If Crowdstrike continues to bring out innovative products while staying in touch with their customers, I think we can keep that high level of confidence that they will increase the value of our investment.