Crowdstrike - heavy insider purchase

Quoting from Brad Freeman’s latest Substack:

“Director Austin Roxanne bought $3.3 million worth of CrowdStrike stock via open market purchases last week. This raised her stake in the company by more than 50%. She’s “only” worth about $62 million total, so this represents more than 5% of her entire net worth. Quite the vote of confidence. She’s also on the board of Verizon and Abbott Labs, but only decided to purchase shares of CrowdStrike.”

I like Brad’s research on other SaaS companies, and looking forward to his deep dive on Shopify. His substack is definitely worth subscribing to.

CRWD will report earnings on March 8, and analysts are expecting an EPS of $0.43, which is +44% YoY. Over the past 3 quarters, they have beaten their earnings estimates by an average of 28%.