Crowdstrike Press Releases

Crowdstrike had three press releases yesterday, and two already today. I don’t pretend to understand anything about the technology of all that they are saying that they are doing, but I’m happy to hear that they are adding new capabilities at such a rapid rate, especially since they are one of my big three, high confidence positions. If anyone feels up to explaining them to the board, I’d appreciate it. Here are the titles:

CrowdStrike Bolsters Endpoint Protection Platform with New Capabilities

CrowdStrike Extends Zero Trust to Endpoint Devices to Provide a Holistic Cybersecurity Approach for Organizations

CrowdStrike Enhances Security for Multi-Cloud Environments with New Module CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon

CrowdStrike Accelerates Proactive Threat Defense through Context-Rich Partner Intelligence Data via Unified Management Console

CrowdStrike Enhances Visibility and Automates Analysis into Incident Response Investigations

It all sounds good :grinning: !