Long time lurker (6 months anyway) and I bought a little CTSO when it was discussed here a while ago. I see it has moved up a little. I am fairly new to stock investing but any thoughts on CTSO and the recent move up? Thank you for all the interesting discussions.

That’s funny, I just came on to see if anyone was talking about CTSO. Moved up “a little” is putting it modestly. I bought it when people were discussing it on here at .22 and it’s around 10.00 right now!

Keep in mind that there was a reverse split to move it to NASDAQ, so it actually moved from $2.22 to $10.00 (IIRC). Still not too bad!

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25/1 Reverse split recently, but yes maybe moved ‘UP’ more than ‘a little’ lately.

Saul, are you still in CTSO? What are your thoughts on the company?