Anybody else considering buying shares of CSCO here?
Down 14% today, when it was already at 52-week lows.
I’ve had some for years, but added a couple hundred shares today @ $41.xx and could be inclined to add later if it drops some more.

Dividend around 3.6%, now and forward earnings yields around 8% or so, but estimates already getting revised down, so we shall see.


Not really sure its good value even at $40 / share. Revenues are flat, EPS is stuck at $2.50 / share. I think a value investor wouldn’t get super excited until it started trading at $30



Anybody else considering buying shares of CSCO here?

I did. The main problem for Cisco this past Q was China being locked down. That’s a temporary situation, and the divvy pays me while I wait it out.

EPS is stuck at $2.50 / share.

Not sure where you got that. EPS last year was $3.22. EPS this year, which ends in July, will be $3.40-ish. Once China re-opens, the situation will improve greatly, on both supply and demand.

I’m a value investor and am quite happy to pick up CSCO in the low 40s. If it should dip lower, I’ve got plenty of dry powder on hand.

Also supply chain problems