CVGW: A Bet on Avocados

CVGW just keeps climbing. You still holding it?
What do you think about KR for a defensive stock? It’s looking like a buy the dip opportunity as I look at the chart…doc


Yes, CVGW continues to do well, and I haven’t sold it, because there’s been no reason to do so, just as I haven’t sold ADM. I did dump AVO --at a small profit, if I’m remembering right-- because the chart was suggesting weakness, just as I got rid of TSN.

As for KR, I like the company. But I haven’t yet done the fundamental work to justify buying or rejecting it, and its chart isn’t yet timely.


Re: KR ??? ACI ?? I hope you are not on a fishing trip.

How is KR a defensive stock unless you are shorting the stock.

What is Simon Sez II telling you to do or have done.

The above are completive companys.

Who is the largest shareholder of Publix?

Mark Zuckerberg is the largest shareholder of the company. Zuckerberg retains ownership and control of the company. Jan 18, 2023
Strange !!

Quill, I didn’t buy any. I was just wondering what Arindam thought. As I thought about a grocer and a recession, I realized they might suffer decreased sales/profits too so probably not a good defensive stock like precious metals.
I know you trade on the chart and as Arindam said in the post just before yours, the chart is not timely…doc

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Here’s some follow up on CVGW.

On a day when prices were down for most of what I’m running experiments on, CVGW jumped up 2%. I scrambled to find news why, but couldn’t. Given that its chart has been looking increasingly weak, I sold into the rally at 29.62, only to see CVGW run even higher to 29.79, with the bid now at 29.75.

Oh, well. Win some. Lose some. But the final score on that bet isn’t too bad. For having gotten in at 23.21, I averaged 92 bps per day, over my 30 market day holding-period, when I’d have been quite happy with 5 to 6 bps/market day, and just 4 bps/market is what stocks have historically offered over the long haul.


Interesting, that turned into a nice investment for you. I’m thinking the market is heading south today based on all the bad news being pumped right now.
I bought nerdwallet Tuesday morning for 13.95 and sold it in the afternoon for14.50 on a sell signal, then the price started to climb up to 14.70 before it drifted back down. Yesterday I bought it for 14.34 and sold it for 14.53 so I’m happy making money to cover my losses today LOL. I sold calls yesterday for HAL and MARA that expire tomorrow. Bitcoin is trending south so MARA will head south too…doc