Consider Tyson Foods [TSN]

Decent fundamentals. Being sold down. [More after market close.]

Neither was the best of entries. But I ended the day ITM on both. Likely, Monday will be a massively down day, and I’ll add to those positions, plus pick up others in the food industry.

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Here is another way of looking on how to make a few dollars for some pocket change. I would say that Simon is a kewl ATM machine that could. Cha-Ching.

I count 10 Petty Ca$h trades. But, I am not a Day Trader and would just try to play one for fun.

Look likes ADM will rise Monday morning. IMHO.

Remember, you can click once or twice to see the chart get larger.

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Most of the buying I’m doing --chiefly in commodities and precious metals stocks and ETFs-- is meant as a hedge against the crash that’s coming, not as short-term trades. Said another way, I’m betting on gold and silver, wheat and avocados, rather than bank or tech stocks. Hence, I’m now mostly working off weekly charts paired with financial statement analysis.