Dave Ramsey issues Cougar Alert

Dave Ramsey warns wealthy widower to beware of cougars.



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Can you call them cougars if they are younger than you?



Do you know what Dave Ramsey uses to avoid cougars?

His personality.


Nowadays anything can be faked … I wonder if this is real or AI modified?

It’s real. The video I linked is the livecast off youtube. Presumably that’s going to be harder to fake than a video clip.


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“Gold diggers” are as old as time. Remember Tim talking about all the old widows in his building chasing after any old guy they saw around?


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“Gold digging” is not the same as being lonely.


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I have no opinion. 2222222222222000000000000000

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way back when, I used to listen to Ramsey’s radio show. His debt advice wasn’t much different than what my Mom pounded into my head when I was young. Quit listening to Ramsey cause I couldn’t stand when he pitched his ELP’s, and when he sprinkled in his religious views to callers. The financial-religious pundits are very intolerant of anybody that doesn’t share their views, and Ramsey is at the top of that personality-flaw list.


My BIL didn’t have a thin dime after DSis passed.
I would drop by to see him about once or week, and check on how things were going.

BIL started going to the local “senior center” where seniors gathered for various social activities.
BIL LOVED socializing. He BLOSSOMED after DSis death! A veritable metamorphosis!

Men were a minority. BIL was “In Demand” and had several girl friends.
BIL said several women offered to support him.
He asked me for advice on ED issues.
I asked a nurse friend who recommended “a couple tongue depressors and some electrical tape”.
BIL had significant cardiac issues, so, I suggested he coordinate with his medical team.

BIL LOVED to dance (which I never knew!) and dropped dead, heart attack, on the dance floor at the senior center.

He was seriously POOR… But had a wonderful end of life.