OT -- Dave Ramsey on getting out of $40,000 in debt



Thanks for the reminder on why I don’t listen to Dave Ramsey.

It seems like his advice to pimp out her feet contradicts with his advice to wear flip flops.

Also, is it disturbing to anyone else that Dave knows all of the foot fetish sites?

You realize it’s a parody done by AI, right?

That said, most of Ramsey’s advice isn’t particularly useful, and his retirement planning advice is dreadful.



Welp, I feel silly. I should’ve read the full title of the video.

In my defense, it sounds a lot like his usual advice.


IMO, the more that people post and repost these silly deep fakes the more that it encourages the people that produce them.


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On the other hand people need to be alert to this content, so they’re not fooled. The real danger is that so much of the stuff we get from “legitimate” leaders is lies and propaganda, too, so it’s hard to distinguish it from the deep fakes.

The Ramsey parody is so close to the questionable content people see on the ‘real show’, that you need to be a real connoisseur of the genre to tell it’s a fake.



Perhaps just the ability to read could suffice, as in this case.

The title of the video includes the words “AI Parody” and it’s posted on the channel “EntertAInment AI Productions”

If you couldn’t be bothered to read that, you deserve the public humiliation you have coming. And perhaps it will teach you to pay a bit of attention to such things.


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Absent the “AI Parody” in the title, it would be tough for even a casual Ramsey viewer to tell it’s a fake. The “feet pics” recommendation isn’t any crazier than the actual stuff he says on the show. Though fessing up to “the grift” should be a dead giveaway. {{ LOL }}


I didn’t watch the whole thing (don’t have the stomach for it), but it didn’t take long to see continuity problems - which shouldn’t exist with a live caller - and to notice that the caller’s verbal pauses (the ummms) didn’t feel natural. The video itself had a slightly unnatural feel to it as well.

Deep fakes have been around for a while, now. Maybe it’s just me, but they have always had a slight feel of being not quite right. This one had the same feel to it.


Deep fakes, at least thus far, and cgi “realism” in movies always present, to me, like Maxwell Q Kilinger in his Sunday finest.