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My kind of animal family! The cat reminds me so much of my recently passed boy, Razah.

p.s. Hey, I didn’t find this board but I do ask you to add similar stuff here for a quick daily view.

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I cannot believe how fast this cat can run. But yeah, this guy, quit the city and his apartment and moved to this farm property where his cat - and he - have come alive.

Rakkarkatten taught the man making this film how to slow down, be in the moment, observe the forest, and just enjoy sitting next to one another.

Oh yeah, I know this magic too.


This fisherman is a hero in my book. Come to the Keys, Fellow Virginian, and I have a few drinks I want to buy you. Better yet, I take you out on a boat or kayak to places the tourists don’t know about.


With this glass of water, I toast Toast the Dog for taking care of her new brother. Damn, if only humans could be more like Toast and her brother: A+++++.

p.s. This gorgeous home or apartment in Greece needs me to come over and work those concrete stairs with a good grinder and then a slip-resistant azure coating. Perfectly apportioned (love that rock flooring if that is what it is) the Greeks know a thing or two about architecture and design. They, the Italians, and others near a sea who build homes into cliffs have got this good taste vibe you don’t see up on the mainland of America. (Thankfully we will never see homes built on the cliffs of Acadia National Park.) But yeah, even the villages on level ground have soul and make you slow down and enjoy urban and suburban life not available in America. (Yeah, yeah, there are exceptions in America, Key West being a very notable example if you know where to find old Key West.)

Speaking of Acadia again, I’ll tell this story one last time: I was once on my back, at midnight, lying on a comforter next to my wife. We spread that bedding on a red granite cliff right on the Atlanitc Ocean’s edge where the water was booming against the rocks far below. It was August. The Persoid Meteor shower that night ran over a moving canvas of an Aurora Borealis. That show right there has never been topped by nature in my life. If I were religious, I’d want Heaven to be that cliff, overlooking the Atlantic, always a meteor shower at night and always a different colored Aurora making guest appearances.

p.s. Toast the Dog, you my Sister, are showing the love we all have deep inside. Thanks for that reminder.

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Yeah, that’s about right.

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A quick drive by as I am about to head out the door:

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