Deloitte launching new managed services powered

In the wake of all of posts regarding Crowdstrike, Deloitte just announced a new managed service which is powered by Crowdstrike and Zscaler, more vendors are to be included but at the moment SentinelOne is not listed as one

ZDNet: Deloitte launches new SaaS cyber threat detection and response platform.…

I think this also addresses some of the noise produced by SentinelOne that Crowdstrike is not partner friendly company. In fact Crowdstrike is a channel first company, something that both their CFO and CEO has repeatedly said over their last couple of presentations and earning calls


I want to highlight this under-rec’d post.

Deloitte has started a new MDR service, calling it MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response). This is a managed threat detection service delivered 24x7x365 by Deloitte’s staff in SecOps centers (SOCs) over SIEM and EPP/EDR/XDR platforms. They note it was built upon existing services, noting the FedRAMP-authorized nature of those partners.

Here is their announcement:…

The service was initially “operationalized” by CrowdStrike (EPP/EDR/XDR), Exabeam (SIEM/XDR), ServiceNow (SecOps/IR), Splunk (SIEM/SOAR), and Zscaler (Zero Trust), plus over the AWS and Google Cloud Chronicle (SIEM/SOAR over GCP) to pull in cloud-native logs.

Thanks to OP rdgyy, and I agree with his take that it makes Sentinel One’s constant messaging (particularly via the COO) that “CrowdStrike competes against partners” look a bit silly.

Now to see if this is truly built over CrowdStrike and Zscaler (for EPP and Zero Trust), or if they sit over those services as partners. By this, I mean… will other partners show up (aka Sentinel One), or is this solely over CRWD + ZS as the underlying partners.

I think other partners will appear, if only because of the overlap over multiple SIEM partners, between Exabeam and Splunk – which would show that Deloitte is building an ecosystem of partners.

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One last addition…

CrowdStrike released a PR on this partnership with Deloitte over its MXDR partnership:…

Reading between the lines, this definitely feels like a response to all the criticism around competition w/ partners.

Zscaler only shows Deloitte as SI partner, nothing specific on this deal:

Lots of managed solutions are being built over these competing XDR platforms. See also JW’s recent post on KPMG using SentinelOne:…

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Sorry, this is short but I thought it pertinent. Deloitte audits Sentinel One so their independence policy either outright prohibits or makes it overly difficult for them to do anything very strategic with them especially a managed service like that. That likely pushed Sentinel One to engage with KPMG. I work for another similar firm and have the same issues/approaches with our tech alliances.

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