Diary of a Bad Investor

I have been about 73% in cash, and decided to charge back into the market with a few purchases. So today I bought:

AMBA – a 0.2% position
GPRO – a 0.2% position
BOFI (which I sold last week) – a 0.08% position

Here is my rationale for buying now:

Why not? Life is short, and it is fun to buy and sell from time to time.

Last week I bought XOM and CVX when they dipped below $70 – each a 2% position (funded primarily by selling my 5% BOFI position).

XOM and CVX join APU and MKL as stocks I hope to hold forever and never sell. I hold such stocks in taxable accounts to take advantage of the tax basis step-up at death (IRC Section 1014, IIRC).

BTW, on the mini-crash a few days ago, I bought a tiny position in SKX. So I am actually moving at my customary glacial speed to react to the excellent thinking and analysis that takes place on this board.

Oh, I almost forgot – I bought a 0.05% position in Avigilon (AVO on the Toronto Exchange) today. As far as I can tell, the CEO is a maniac, who fires his execs at the drop of the hat. How can one not invest in that?




Other than making clearly-bad calls on when to buy/sell (like racing to buy the latest ‘hip’ stock because CNBC mentioned it), the only truly ‘bad’ investor is one who doesn’t actually invest. So at least you’re rectifying that with your 73% pile. Not sure if this is the bottom of anything, but there are definitely some buying good opportunities if your horizon is 5+ years.

I am gonna stump to get Rich’s post rec’d enough to get on the best of boards, so here it goes:

  1. How can you not rec a post that makes you laugh (I rec a lot on this criteria alone).
  2. We love other peoples pain, or maybe in this case when we can laugh or poke fun at ourselves.
  3. It’s hard for me to put into words correctly, but it goes something like this: The truth hurts, especially when you can identify personally with said truth, and when the author is sarcastic or funny with that truth its even better cause it makes you laugh at yourself.
  4. some of the best commentary on life is through comedy.
  5. I could be totally misunderstanding this whole post, which in itself deserves a rec.
  6. Is this or isn’t this post outrageous?
  7. I laughed, I cried, I chuckled, I sobbed.
  8. Keep reading this post, I’ve read it a dozen times now and see different things I like/dislike that I didn’t see the times before, so rec it for that if nothing else.
  9. brilliant.
  10. why not? Life is short, but boards live on forever!
  11. TLDR :wink: (too long didn’t read)


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