Discouragement rewarded!

Discouragement rewarded!

Well, someone heard how discouraged and down I was after the first 4 weeks of October and decided to give me a little treat on the 31st. Today the S&P was down 0.01% and my portfolio was up 0.98%. At least it made me feel a little better.

Some of the stocks whose drops I most didn’t understand had a little bounce (which doesn’t tell you where they are ultimately going but at least it made me feel a little better). Here’s a list of my stocks that gained more than 1.0% today.

MITK 		+2.27%
LGIH		+1.95%
SBNY		+1.93%
AMZN		+1.74%
SHOP		+1.49%
BOFI		+1.47%
SKX		+1.11% 

You’ll notice that all of my top five positions were among them. Now who knows what tomorrow will bring? Not me!