Disruption to the Transport Industry

Tony Siba writes and talks about the huge disruption coming to the transport industry caused by Electric vehicles (with 200 moving parts as opposed to ICE vehicles with 2000 moving parts) and autonomous driving becoming “transport as a service.”

His report can be downloaded here https://www.rethinkx.com/transportation

Or you can watch an interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnAYeVOUlOQ

Bottom line I think this positions Tesla very nicely as a “computer with wheels” and add to that SpaceX’s plan to launch a constalation of 4000 low orbit satelights to provide low latency global internet coverage (which will provide Tesla’s worldwide with entertainment, data, communications etc…) Now exactly which car companies are going to be able to compete with that?

No wonder TESLA shared are up 70% in the last six months.



Yeh don’t encourage your kids to become car mechanics in the future! It’s going to have a massive impact on the oil sector as well as the driving/transport industry in terms of numbers of jobs if you combine this with self driving functionality.

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