Do I need encryption?

Since I just started on my taxes again, working on my laptop and downloading 1099s and stuff like that, I’m worrying again about having too much info on my hard drive. I don’t plan on losing my HP laptop that runs Windows 10, but in case it ever happens, do I need additional encryption? To the best of my understanding, it is already encrypted under windows 10, so as long as my sign-on pin is tough to figure out, my data is relatively safe. Do others agree? Should I get an extra free encryption download like Veracrypt? Should I download a program to partition off part of my hardrive to make a “virtual computer” and keep more sensitive stuff there? Any advice from those who know would be appreciated. Thanx much in advance.

If it’s not Windows 10 Pro and/or Bitlocker is not turned on, it’s not encrypted.

If it’s Windows 10 Pro, just use Bitlocker to encrypt your entire (data) partition or disk, no need for Veracrypt. It’s so well made that it will not slow down your computer.