Do we have ignition?

a little lag harder to tell btc

This is not advice to buy. Besides none of you would anyway.


What on those charts is telling you it is time to buy Leap?



I wont be buying.

Oil is going higher. In a global recession oil will fall.

We are going into a global recession led by the US.

While I will not be buying crypto I might have some to sell if I can get one last technical issue resolved.

Today is a head fake possibly in gold, oil and btc and eth.

The rest of the markets get it. It is not good.

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There is a chance people go it alone in the house and flip away from the austerity plans. Just rubber stamp the debt ceiling being lifted.

If that happens it is clear sailing.

I hear you Leap but I was just trying to understand what those charts were telling you to get a better understanding of what you were seeing.


It is too short term to know. The only thing yesterday proved was the markets are now responding to this oncoming mess.

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Of course oil is going higher. We are approaching Memorial Day weekend. Oil, and gas at the pump, almost always find an excuse to go higher, just in tome for the holiday.

A couple days ago, some “analyst” said oil was going higher, and the oil stocks jumped.

I sold my COP on Monday, however, Managed a gain, on the play this spring, but a very small one. After jumping over a point on the pumping by the analyst, COP closed today off, only 1 cent above where I sold on Monday.



My wife knows little about the stock market. Yesterday, she said gas was expensive this time she filled up. I said, “Summer is coming. Gas prices go up every summer.”


  • Like clockwork
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Like clockwork that is true. The factor is stormy econ weather. We have the market going down around us. Usually if oil rises so does much of the market.