Do you antique shop?

If you antique shop, what right now do you see in the marketplace that is inexpensive?

I am looking currently at Victorian revolving library bookcases. Many of them are under $2000. Very few of them are investment grade. Often that means not refurbished or more specifically refinished.

I do not. But, if I were, this is how I’d like to store my books (without the crowds!)


Anybody want a 1790–1820 vintage grandfather clock, possibly British origin, bought from a NJ farmhouse in 1840?


The library is closed to tourists in the summer months. I was there trying to get in mi self.

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This was beginning September. The first time I’d been to Ireland so it was an obvious choice in spite of the crowds. I loved Dublin. Some great museums and the most stylish branch of Marks and Spencer’s on Grafton Street I’ve ever seen.

The Brian Bora harp…


Yeah love Dublin. Fantastic walking city.

Avoid Temple Bar, Disney Land for drunks. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Veenee did you get to Francis Street?


I actually saw precious little of Dublin. We were there as my husband was presenting a couple of papers at a **special EASL meeting (European Association for the Study of the Liver …coincidentally the first big scientific meeting he presented a paper at as an up and coming researcher back in the late 1970s!) It was in a very gracious hotel in Malahide just outside the city. I don’t like to stay at the conference hotels as a rule, so we opted for a small little place a couple of miles down the coast. For the few days we were there, I found enough to explore in that small area.

I’d wanted to spend more time in Ireland but dh wanted to hop over to see his brother in England and have our usual fun time there. Would’ve worked except the trip ultimately coincided with the run up to the Royal Funeral so got to see and do not much at all.

** This special meeting seemed to me to be a bit incongruous as liver disease is somewhat specialized as it is, but the focus was NAFLD…which just goes to show how big a problem that’s becoming World wide. He has a novel hypothesis involving oxygen-nutrient mismatch that I think I can claim to have planted the seed for the research a few years ago. Probably a bit OT.


One of my cousin wife is a radiologist in Waterford. Every chance she gets she shops in Marks and Spencer’s on Grafton Street.

I was in there as well with my dad. We passed a wooden puzzle of an elephant in teak. I picked it up and saw how it came apart. The saleswoman jumped. She probably did not want oils on the wood from anyone’s hands.