Pawn Shop Near Me

Becoming a very popular search item on Google

Cash-strapped Americans are panic-searching “pawn shop near me.” The search trend spiked to a record high at the start of July and is an ominous sign the consumer might be pawning items or selling things that were possibly bought during the Covid boom to raise quick money amid the worst inflation storm in a generation.


I’ve never been in a pawn shop, but a friend bought a canoe from one. Got a decent price, not a great price, but it was during covid and there a real shortage of new ones for sale at the outdoor suppliers.

How is it known that it’s “Panic Searching”?
I use various methods to purge and thin my possessions from time to time. Craigslist and other social media sales platforms are useful but people are flakes and scammers abound. Flea markets and yard sales are time consuming. I’ve found that the local pawn shop is a good alternative especially for high value items. When time and effort are figured into the equation they offer a fair return.


@solarae100 do you present your item as a sale to the pawn shop or as collateral for a loan (the original function of pawn shops)?


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They will look up the going price and sell it for half of new. They give me half of that or a quarter of new. Vintage items are priced by eBay results and similar.


I didn’t need the cash, but I was sick of looking at my vintage (1974) Slingerland drum kit with Zildjian cymbals sitting in the basement no longer getting used so I convinced myself to clean them up and get in touch with the local music store to see if they would take them on consignment.

I set them up at the music store and they sold for an astronomical amount ($3,500) in 3 days!!! I was happy for the buyer who was a young musician and happy for the cash in my pocket!!

→ now plays on everything but a drum kit :wink: