DOCN Reports Tomorrow After Close

Currently DOCN is holding down a 2% Scout Team position on the Portfolio Roster and is scheduled to report tomorrow after the close.


Here is their last report:…


  • 37% Revenue Growth Y/Y

  • Revenue Per Customer Increased 29% Y/Y

  • Net Dollar Retention 116%

  • Board Approved a $300M Stock Repurchase program.

Here is a SA Earnings Preview:…

The company projected Q1 Revenue at $126-126.5M. So they are basically shooting for +35% growth Y/Y.

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DOCN reported with 36% Y/Y Revenue Growth. Here is the Press Release:…

Guidance was reasonably in-line.

The problem is - at least for me, the Y/Y Revenue Growth is not accelerating and in fact is slightly waning. The bottom line for me is that I wanted to see Y/Y Revenue Growth reaching higher. Since that is not the case I am likely to sell. Gonna read the CC Transcript first and then make a decision.

DOCN is a good little company and it’s growing just fine - but to hold a spot on the Scout Team a company has to be gaining traction in growth - not just treading water.

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