DoD whistleblower: US has 12 UFOs and an alien pilot in custody

… and they’ve been circulating the material through DoD contractors for fun & profit.

Note: the alien is extraterrestrial not Mexican

House of Representatives to hold hearings

That would be something if James Comer is the one to actually get to the truth.

Also the DoD is keeping this stuff secret because of the unpredictable response of that most superstitious and ignorant 35% of the population. You could have everything from “riots in the streets” to people “advancing the rapture” by suicide.

If true, what do you think? Bull market or bear? The aliens could be a market for our excess atmospheric carbon.



If they have a need for carbon. They may want the nitrogen instead.

More likely they’re in the market for human McNuggets.

Mmmmm, crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. [apologies to Gary Larson]


Current thinking is that aliens capable of interstellar travel would likely have already solved their resource problems and wouldn’t see humans as food. But they might want to take a few breeding pairs home for the zoo.



Then again, a little fast food might be considered a treat.

Anyway, most likely they’re not biological beings. It is more logical to send AI bots considering the amount of time it takes to travel, food requirements, and whole lot of other biological hazards involved in space travel. Much easier and less stress to just send bots.

I’m guessing that if you’re that advanced, you’re not relying on Siri.

While I’m absolutely certain other life forms exist in our universe, knowing it is on my bucket list.

ET, you listening?


Who knows. Maybe one of those life forms is intelligent. This star system could benefit from some intelligent life.