Doin' nicely for now

The market is still open, but…

Three month returns since end November:

SPY total return including dividends: -4.63%
Berkshire: +14.90%
Advantage Berkshire: +19.54%

It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like perhaps, but it’s a nice feeling.



shhhh… you will jink it!!!

shhhh… you will jink it!!!

The weighin’ machine wants what the weighin’ machine wants.
We can but stand by and watch.

In some ways, I think this is my best post–the joys of boring and weighing, from Feb 2018.…

"Virtually all of us came to the party because of the historical high returns. That’s the bait part.
The returns aren’t all that high any more, and haven’t been since 1998. The value growth rate has been good and solid, but not really newsworthy.

But after arriving, we learned to appreciate the charms of a big predictable stream of earnings.
That’s the switch part.
We were tempted in the door by rumours of a wild party, got inside to find nothing but bowling going on.
We were definitely deceived.
But then we found out we really liked bowling."

Incidentally, that post forecast returns of $2k/month in the subsequent 3 years.
It cracked $2k/month two days before the third anniversary on 2021-02-16.
(a little longer wait than expected…something about a virus…)
There’s something to be said for predictability.



Is this within norms or am I doing something wrong?

Nov 30 276.69
Feb 28 321.45

16.2% gain

“In some ways, I think this is my best post …” Mungo

Before we can confirm of deny, we’ll have to rifle through something on the order of a thousand.

“There’s something to be said for predictability.” Mungo

Gratefully so !