Dollar Continues to Dominate for Foreseeable Future

A Bloomberg analyst suggests dollar hegemony is here to stay for a while. By one estimate, the dollar is a part of 88% of all international transactions. This is unlikely to change because the dollar’s stability and liquidity. Additionally, the Euro is fractured politically and the Chinese appear unwilling to allow access to their financial markets so there is no serious replacement for dollar on the horizon.



Don’t under estimate the EU.

The RMB is an extension of the USD. It is pegged to the USD. There is nothing to open up.

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Seriously there is no market for the RMB. There is a tight range of trade. You can buy and sell RMB…but the market really has no dynamic of its own. Why bother?

If you are in Shanghai on a forex trading floor you are betting for or against the USD. You are not really betting on the RMB. That is what you open up.

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