Earnings call - AAPL - Q1 2024

I missed it, but found it…

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[ EDIT: this is the LAST quarter! Namely, this one: Apple reports first quarter results - Apple]

Wow, I also totally missed it [ no I didn’t ]! First thought you were linking to an old article. :blush:

So, this was a pretty good result, with iPad being the worst negative news - down %25 YoY. So, Apple, I think it’s darn past time to update the entire iPad line with newer silicon at the very least. It’s been over 900 days since the iPad Mini was refreshed in any way for frigg’s sake!

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Now wait a cotton pickin’ minute here! That IS old news despite the April 5, 2024 date on the article. That was Q1 2024, and soon Apple will be releasing earnings for Q2, on May 2:

Well, they got me, it was in my news feed, but I do see the May 2nd Earnings date… just have to pay more attention I guess… I generally catch the call, listen to the question, etc… Oops…

A bit more on Q1 - 2024


You mean 2Q 2024! From the article:

Apple will report results from its fiscal second quarter, which ended in March, on May 2.

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