Apple's Q1 Earnings call - 2/1/24

Should be interesting…


As usual, I will wait until tomorrow to read the results and the market reaction. Solely in order to get a good night’s sleep tonight!

Well, I just tried to go for a walk, but our rainy day came after me, nearly right away, so I’m drying out, back home after all… Today’s AAPL gain, plus what I see in the After Hours may be enough cushion to help out tomorrow… Patience… No problem sleeping, maybe a nap after the announcement…

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Mr. Market wasn’t too impressed, though AAPL is down only about 0.5% today. I fear that the iPad has had a good run, but its days may be numbered.

Yep, it seems every report, even when things look good, it tanks for a bit before reality sets in and it continues the growth… Fridays are another issue, profit taking for the week, maybe? I’ve become immune to the volatility, I guess… Still Holding…

In recent years, I’ve stopped paying attention to the swings that happen a day or two after earnings reports or single analyst announcements. In my recent experience, the up or down swings are too short-lived to be indicative of any market sentiment but those of the masses of short term traders. They’re like road bumps.

Not that I’m being dismissive of earnings reports or analyst reports. Some day, one of those earnings reports or a piling on of analyst reports will herald some long term movement, like the big drop in mid-2000. Such a thing hasn’t happened in recent memory, though.


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