Eat at Saul's - Dissenting Diners Welcome

I want to thank you for setting up this board. I also wanted to encourage you to keep posting your results as I want to know how well you’re doing now, not 10 years ago.

What I most appreciate about your board is that there is a free exchange of ideas. There is no one right answer. On other boards, any time I post a question which seems to express doubt about a pick, someone will remind me that “We’re long term investors and we need to allow 3-5 years for this idea to play out” or “This stock has been recommended multiple times and we all know how successful those picks have been.” Unfortunately, somebody forgot to tell SCTY, TCS, WPRT, SWIR, etc. that they must go up.

I also appreciate the fact that posters on this board will attempt to explain how they arrive at a valuation for a particular stock. It is interesting to read how two people can come up with widely different valuations for a particular stock, depending on the methodology that they used.

Saul, I don’t know where you find the time to post so much detailed information, but I am grateful to you and the people who respond to your posts, particularly those that may not necessarily agree with you. In the end, we all have to take responsibility for our own trades, but i think the probability of being right increases, when people approach every idea with a mix of boundless optimism tempered with a healthy dose of skepticism. Your site seems to have found the appropriate balance.