Economic effects of abortion ban ...

… feature or a bug?…
Abortion Rollback Risks Erasing Decades of Economic Gains for U.S. Women
Roe set to be overturned: leaked Supreme Court draft ruling Curbing abortion access tends to increase poverty, inequality

Think about what happens to the IVF industry.

<… feature or a bug?>

Definitely feature.
Any further explanation would be political.

But it is a fact, and not political, that women make 85 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions, and account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending.

Anything that reduces women’s purchasing power will depress the economy. Anything that reduces women’s ability to earn will reduce their purchasing power.

Since women currently outnumber men at all levels of educational attainment (except in the STEM fields), anything that prevents a woman from working to her maximum capability (such as an unwanted child) will reduce economic productivity on a Macro scale.